Sumatra Atu Lintang

We are beyond excited to offer this fantastic, traditional Sumatran coffee from the Gayo Highlands in Indonesia! For this coffee we partnered with SOCII Coffee, an importer with a strong presence on the ground in northern Sumatra. Voster Hutabarat and his wife, Anna, grow and process this coffee on their microlot farm in Atu Lintang. Voster has strong ties to the community, where he began a cooperative composed of 19 families focused on increasing quality of life for farmers in the Gayo Highlands and coffee quality. Buying this coffee from Voster was a way to help invest in the future of coffee in the area, as well as supporting those families in an impactful way.

This coffee has a thick body and clear cedar notes, on top of sweet plum and cocoa. We really like brewing this coffee in filter methods, like V60, Kalita, or drip pots to bring out the delicate sweet tastes. To increase the body and boldness, use a French Press where you will find the cocoa and vanilla notes coming through much more.



Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia

Region: Gayo Highlands

Farm Location: Atu Lintang

Variety: Ateng Super/Tim Tim

Altitude: 1500+ Meters

Process: Wet-Hulled