Rosa Gutierrez

Rosa’s two-manzana (about 3.4 acres) farm is located in a community called El Porvenir, Masaguara in the department of Montecillos. Along with eight seasonal employees, she has cared for her west-facing farm for over five years. Her coffee is Fair Trade certified, and she is dedicated to improving her farm year over year for higher scoring coffee. Rosa owns and operates one of the few woman-owned microlot farms in Honduras, making this a very special coffee!

This coffee has a delicate, sweet floral/honeysuckle start that gives way to a creamy, nutty, and slightly fruity finish. A French Press really shows off some cherry and cashew flavors while a pourover will bring out some of the more delicate floral notes.

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    • Farm/Lot Name: Rosa Gutierrez
    • Origin: Montecillos, Honduras
    • Community: El Porvenir, Masaguara
    • Producer: Rosa Araly Gutierrez Rodriguez
    • Variety: Lempira
    • Process: Semi-Washed
    • Elevation: 1200+ masl
    • Importing Partner: SOCII
    • Certifications: Fair Trade
    • Tasting Notes: Honeysuckle, Cherry, Cashew, Cream

We are always excited whenever we get to partner with a smallholder farmer offering high-quality microlots, especially when the coffee is as traceable as this one. We tapped our friends at SOCII Coffee to set aside this this single-farm lot out of a larger community lot, ensuring that Rosa’s coffee fetched a higher premium due to its quality while supporting the surrounding community. Our Director of Coffee, Tim, did a deep dive on this coffee and our thoughts on responsible sourcing over at the blog.