Luminous captures the beautiful contrast between the crisp winter air and a cozy blazing hearth. Combining coffee from every corner of the globe, this blend brings out sharp plum and spice notes while also presenting a syrupy chocolate body with roasted hazelnut finish. 

Try brewing Luminous in a pourover, drip pot, or any filter method to taste the more complex plum and spice notes. For a thicker-bodied chocolatey brew, a French Press or cold brew method will do the trick.

This popular seasonal blend is perfect for sharing with loved ones at the holidays and beyond! Luminous will stick around until the chilly season starts to fade.

Order by midnight on Wednesday for this product to ship on Thursday.

This year’s version of Luminous features a blend of some of our favorite sustainably and ethically sourced coffee origins:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through Mighty Peace Coffee
  • El Salvador through Keffa Coffee (read more on the blog here!)
  • Sumatra, through Keffa Coffee
  • Brazil, through FAF Coffees


The blend is surprisingly similar to how we remember it from last year, if not better! The bold DRC coffee shines through, underpinned by mild Central/South American coffees and grounded by a classic Sumatran lot.