Bunum Wo

Bunum Wo from Papua New Guinea is taking quality and consistency to a new level. This peaberry coffee has a unique processing method where it is triple fermented over three days, broken every 24 hours with a wash then soaked for 24 hours, after which it is sun dried. This brings out not only the unique taste profile of thick chocolate, sparkling citrus sweetness, and mulled spice notes, but also a startlingly clean cup taste (a rarity out of Papua New Guinea). It’s a pleasure to have our first partnership with Benchmark Coffee Traders to bring you Bunum Wo.

This coffee has some incredibly complex and interesting spice flavors over a chocolatey base. Use a filter method like V60 or Chemex to experience more of the sparkling citrus aspects of this coffee, or brew with a French Press or other immersion method for a surprisingly clean chocolate and orange-forward cup.

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  • Origin: Papua New Guinea
  • Region: Wahgi Valley
  • Community: Jiwaka Province
  • Farmer/Producer: Carpenter Estates
  • Farm Name: Bunum Wo Estates
  • Process: Washed
  • Elevation: 1600 MASL
  • Variety: Typica Peaberry
  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate, mulling spices, dried fruit, citrus, mandarin orange, lime zest
  • Harvest Year: 2022
  • Fermentation Info: Triple fermented over three days, broken every 24 hours with a wash then a 24 hour soak
  • Washing Station: Bunum Wo Washing Station
  • Water Density/Moisture Content: 11.2%
  • Farm size in hectares: 357
  • FOB Cost: $2.94/lb
  • Shipping Cost: $0.43/lb (not including storage)
  • Importing Partner: Benchmark Coffee Traders
  • Sustainability Efforts: Shade grown, sun-dried. Wet pulper is Pinhalense water saving pulper. Free housing for picker, free elementary schools for community children, water tank installations, community access roads. All of these contribute to sustainability for the producing community.
  • Partnership length with Firelight Coffee: First Order
  • Brewing method recommendation: Pourover, Chemex, Drip, Aeropress


From our importing partner, Vikram Patel at Benchmark Coffee Traders:

The idea of more rigorous processing, focusing on better drying and more sorting, came out of my communication with our roaster-partners. It became apparent that these were two areas to focus on that are manageable to improve and directly affect cup quality. Because of the relationship and on-site milling, we were able to request this additional processing and provide a higher quality coffee to our partners. After some time, I decided that putting a name on our additional processing was also a good idea just from a marketing and differentiation standpoint.

Read our full interview with Vikram on the blog for more in-depth info on this special coffee!