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  • Canopy


    Canopy is a mix of the natural and modern, inspired by the airy forests that cover the city of Atlanta. This blend of coffees was crafted to be highly accessible and able to be served by itself or with any combination of dairy. Our most balanced coffee, Canopy has creamy vanilla notes and sweet nutty flavors, while being punctuated by a slight citrus taste.

    Canopy is perfect as an everyday drip coffee, but is also excellent in any other brew method including French Press, pourover, or Aeropress.

  • Roaster’s Choice Subscription

    $16.00 / month

    Never worry again about running out of fresh coffee.

    Choose which style of coffee best suits your preference, and we’ll pick the best seasonal coffee to suit your taste. We’ll send out any number of bags at the frequency you pick.

    If you need your coffee ground, select the right type of grind for you. Drip grind is the finest, and is good for a normal coffeepot. Chemex is a little more coarse, and French Press is the coarsest.

    Since our coffee roster is ever-changing, we’ll pick out the best coffee at the time and send it your way according to the frequency you pick.



  • System


    With an unabashed full-body profile, this blend brings a deep, dark chocolate flavor alongside a lovely plum sweetness. Ideal for a French Press or regular drip, this blend can also display some tangy sugary notes reminiscent of molasses. However, put this blend on espresso and you will find a silky dark chocolate taste that adds a depth of flavor to cappuccinos and lattes.

  • Versatile


    Versatility is a key trait of the Firelight team, and this unique blend of coffees exemplifies that aspect of our collective personality. Originally crafted to be a fruit-forward and complex espresso offering, we quickly found that it performed equally well using filter preparation methods. Like our team, Versatile is suited to any task you throw at it.

    Versatile produces a sweet and juicy espresso when dialed in well, and also shines in a Chemex, V60, Kalita, or anything with a filter.