Firelight’s New Coffee Packaging

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firelight new bags
We’re delighted and proud to introduce the new look of Firelight Coffee. Made in conjunction with the incredibly talented designer Andi Mints, the new packaging is a visual representation of the Firelight story.

For the front of the new bag, we decided to have the logo printed and to convey all the variable information on a sticker. The information we chose to present were those attributes that most represented the coffee inside. Some of them were a given, like the different tasting notes identified in cupping sessions with the coffees. firelight side proudly roastedOthers, like the processing method, are not as well known but have a huge impact on the final product. Our goal is to create a link between the origin farm and the cup so that consumers can identify what makes each type special.

The colors of each bag represent the area of the world from which the lot came. Each region has a color: Central America, South America, Africa, and Oceania. The country is listed along with the main identifier within the colored slant. The identifier is based on what best represents the coffee, whether it is a region, drying station or even an individual lot or estate. Each lot has such a rich and storied background that it’s hard to represent all the aspects in the bag with one name alone.

The sides of the bag gave us a great opportunity to play with the design and make something unique to spread our local aesthetic. As a local roaster in Atlanta, GA, we take pride in our home city and do our best to represent it. The other side of the bag gives a simple formula for anyone looking to brew Firelight coffee for the first time. As long as your grinder is set correctly, the recipe on the side of our bag should always make a solid cup.

The back of our bag includes our alternate logo and gives a quick synopsis of what we are about. Our mission to spread the influence of great coffee in Atlanta is made clear, and our bags give insight to how we go about it (it’s also listed on our About Us page because we really mean it!). It was important to us for the mission to be shared and made known on every bag we sell. Our address and website are included as touchpoints for reordering. We’re ecstatic about how these turned out. All new bags being shipped are in this style- grab one at the webstore or at the tasting room in Atlanta!


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